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The Summit Bechtel Reserve - Summer Training Opportunities

posted Jun 7, 2016, 9:05 PM by Lynn Hamilton   [ updated Jun 7, 2016, 9:07 PM ]
There are a number of Scouter training courses at The Summit Bechtel Reserve base near Beckley, WV this summer.  Several are unique and not offered anywhere else in the BSA this year.

July 4-8 - Scoutcraft Skills and the Patrol Method which will be headed by NCAC Scouters--Bill Evans of Prince William is the Course Director; Mike Brandon and Sven Rundman will serve on the staff and I will also try to help out a bit.  The course will offer a day of pioneering projects, one of land navigation, one of cooking in many forms as well as some serious discussion about how the patrol method should work and typically does work. (This is a Monday to Friday course.)

Jul 22-24 - weekend course on campfires, camp songs, skits, stories and all the ways we can connect with youth members via fun engagement of singing and story telling.  The course director is Doug Fullman, long time professional and Camp School Director who is legendary in his campfire skills.

July 22-24 - weekend course that starts with and expands on "Youth Development" session, taught at OA and other venues (like Univ. of Scouting) regarding how Scouting meets boys learning needs, given their frequent lack of planning and organizational skills.  Ken will be assisted by John Arnold and Joseph Grant of Troop 980.

If you have questions, please Email to or call me on 703-941-9018.
Thanks for your support.
Ken Davis