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Scouting for Food Wrap Up!

posted Nov 24, 2015, 6:47 PM by Seneca Admin

Thanks to all Scouts and Scouters who helped make the 2015 Scouting For Food campaign a great success.  We are still waiting for the total weight to come in from Manna Food Bank.  The following units helped with the loading of food at our two collection locations:

Crew 2828
Troop 291
Troop 1094
Troop 1988
Seneca Chapter, Order of the Arrow

Please let Phil know if he missed any of you in this list.

In the mean time, while we anxiously await numbers from our local food banks, here is what YOU can do:

Report the amount of food you collected as well as the number of volunteers that helped your unit.  This can be done from the NCAC Website: and click on the "Click here for unit reporting form".  The BEST estimate we can make is about 5 lbs of food per bag collected.  Over the years this has proven to be pretty accurate.  
After reporting your total to the council, PLEASE report your total to our district coordinator, Phil Dennis (  Again, number of bags or weight of food collected and number of volunteers. Yes this seems repetitively redundant (get it?) but in the past things have slipped through the cracks and we want to make sure every unit gets their due credit.
IF you pair up with another unit, please let Phil know that as well.  Some units have the same Charter Organization AND unit number (e.g. Pack 123 and Troop 123).  They may work together, but if only one unit collected food, only one unit gets credit.  Let's share the wealth out there folks!
Please report the TOTAL volunteer hours your unit spent distributing bags AND collecting food.  This is reported via the Journey To Excellence page at:  You will need a unit id and login to report your hours here.  Phil ( has each unit's unit id for this (NOT YOUR UNIT NUMBER).  
Our council would like to wrap up this effort by the end of November, just two weeks from now.  Please do not hesitate to contact Phil Dennis ( if you have ANY questions or concerns.  If necessary, Phil will report your hours for you to council, all you need to do is ask!

Thank you all again for making this event a success.