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Scouting for Food Recap

posted Nov 15, 2016, 9:19 PM by Lynn Hamilton

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!  Thanks to all who helped out collecting bags from homes as well as those working at our two drop off points.  We could not have done it without you.  

At our two collection points in Germantown and Quince Orchard plus some direct drop offs at Manna, we collected 14,594 pounds of food!  In addition donations were made to several local food banks in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Poolesville and Damascus.  

It is imperative that units report their collection totals to our council.  The council Scouting For Food website is:  Here you can log the number of youth and adults participating as well as the amount of food collected.  Remember, we are in SENECA DISTRICT!!!  When reporting totals, the average bag of food weighed 7 pounds this year, please use that number as a multiplier when reporting your food below. If multiple units collected together, it is up to those units to determine how to divide up the counts.  Please let Phil Dennis ( know when you've put in your totals.  This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU UNIT DELIVERED TO ANOTHER FOOD BANK!!!!

Here are the recorded bag received from each unit:

Unit totals:
P1761.         546 bags
T291.           402 bags
P436.          165 bags
P210.          104 bags
T1316.          90 bags
P291.            89 bags
P221.            40 bags
P1440.            4 bags
T1094.            2 bags
T1397          107 bags
T 941,1109,1110     31 bags
T 1988            2 bags
P464             21 bags
P1307         107 bags
P438              6 bags
T618            30 bags
P1315        121 bags
T1429          28 bags
T1325            1 bags
T489              2 bags
P1429,1220,1304   48 bags
P628              4 bags
P1304          12 bags
T 738           45 bags
P1199            5 bags
T1760            7 bags
P468          61 bags

Phil Dennis