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posted Nov 10, 2015, 6:37 PM by Seneca Admin
Packets only went to the Committee Chair - application status has to have been updated if chair is new, otherwise, old chair got it. NOBODY ELSE, prior data was misleading on this. 

If you have not received your codes, have them recheck, looking for "BSA Registration" sender

Many went to spam and junk. 

Thursday a week ago was mailing date, not current from last 5 days or so.

Please check back with Commissioner Gordon at or the District Executives (DEs) if you have not already with your status.
Thanks to units that have already responded. WE have not heard from over half of you. DO you have what you need?

SYSTEM IS NOW OPEN. First Turn-in is Roundtable, Nov 12, then at the Unit Commissioners Staff Meeting on the 19th. 7:00 at LDS Clopper Rd Germantown. 

Let's get as many units as we can done before Turkey Day!!
Gordon Henley

Jonathan Malloy -
Ben Litten -