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posted Jan 4, 2017, 12:30 AM by Lynn Hamilton
Happy New Year

First, thanks if you are done. Packets are starting to be scanned. Stand by for any questions or missing data, like adult disclosure pages with apps. If Ben or I contact you, please get back quickly. Thanks to those that have responded to defects.

Second, to the remaining 28 units, we need to see to you this week - OVERTIME TURN IN. If you drop, you stop meeting, period. No insurance.  

The UC team will be at the LDS church Clopper Rd 7:30 this Thursday to review packets. 

Please make every effort to attend. 

A few of you have written in with constraints, such as the Exec Officer is off until January. Clearly, you have to wait. P291 has a family issue in work, and has also been excused until then. C125 leadership is out of the country and will work in January as they also need more sea scouts.

Everybody else, the time is BEYOND now. Please contact your UC, or get to the meeting Thursday. One unit has not started. There is little to say except you are at risk of not making recharter unless you sail though with absolutely no issues. Please get rolling and alert somebody ASAP if things do not go smoothly. 

Thanks for all you do. Questions to Ben and me soonest. See you Thursday.