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Merit Badge Program

posted Dec 8, 2015, 5:05 PM by Seneca Admin
  • Thank you to all MBC’s of Seneca District. We’ve had a great pouring out of interests and support!
  • Annual Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Re-registration is in motion on until the end of November 2015.
  • IF already an approved MBC and your Youth Protection Training (YPT) is current and you’ve already applied for or submitted (new or existing MBC) and adjusted your MBC Information Sheet #34405 our District Executives or our Dean (Matthew Ogden, or through Unit Merit Badge Coordinators or directly, you’ve already re-registered for 2016 charter.
  • IF there are NO changes to your Merit Badge subjects and that you’d like to continue, please let Matthew Ogden know, with ether a YES or NO. Efforts on unit levels are underway.
  • IF you’d like to be a NCAC Approved MBC, please contact him, or your Unit Commissioner or come to Round Table to discuss this ‘no cost to BSA register’.
  • We’re offering MBC Orientation Training, whether it be by organization or unit, please contact our dean or District Training staff for more information. 
Matthew Ogden