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Merit Badge Counselor Update/Training Alert

posted Jun 7, 2016, 8:55 PM by Lynn Hamilton
Greetings to all Seneca District approved Merit Badge Counselors (MBC). As always, thank you for your willingness and diligence in maintaining your Boy Scout YPT (Youth Protection Training) certificate and offering your knowledge and experience to our scouts.

Upcoming MBC 'Orientation / Training' alert!    
In 2017, NCAC is striving for 100% of all 'direct contact leaders' to be fully trained, Merit Badge Counselors are part of this. To stay ahead and help our District Training staff, I am approving that each MBC who has not received this training do the following:

   1) Download the following file 'The essentials of Merit Badge Counseling' from one of the following links  

This file is a powerpoint presentation that is used at University of Scouting and District MBC trainings. It consists of 55 slides which also includes a 13 question and summary section at the end.

   2) Please review the presentation and inform me when you viewed the slides and respond with your answers to the following questions:
        1. Who in a scout Unit oversees the Merit Badge Program and insures it follows BSA policy and procedures?
        2. What are the responsibilities of the Scout when seeking a Merit Badge Counselor?
        3. What are the responsibilities of the Merit Badge Counselor when teaching a scout, whether individually or in a group?

   3) Email Matthew Ogden at with the answers to the above three questions:

Note: In Guide To Advancement (GTA) section Training for Counselors
The council or district advancement committee must assure counselors understand the Boy Scouts of America’s aims, methods, and mission. It is also important they know how Scouts can learn and grow through the merit badge process. To enhance the merit badge counselor experience, the National Advancement Committee’s Education Task Force has developed the presentation “The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling.” It can be downloaded from www., and viewed individually, featured in merit badge counselor training events, or delivered as part of a wider experience covering several levels of Scout leader training.  

This is not a new program or secret, Seneca offers this orientation / training twice a year as a group training as well, or to those units who would like to have it specifically taught to them. If taught to a group, cost is $10 per person to help cover BSA insurance and costs of printing material.

For your information of the current 242 approved MBC's (as of 5/12/16) with 22 folks waiting for Council processing or approval, 56 have taken this orientation / training. Unlike YPT's, this training (known as D76 BSA code) does not need to be updated and isn't limited to time, like YPT's are.

If you have any questions or comments and you are a unit leader needing an updated Seneca District Merit Badge Counselor report / list, let me know or contact your Unit Commissioner.