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Inclement Weather Cancellation Guidelines

posted Dec 22, 2015, 1:09 PM by Seneca Admin
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Snow Message Line:240.777.2710 or MC311

If community use is cancelled by CUPF, a full credit of the rental fees for the hours cancelled will be issued.  However, please be advised that while all users can certainly make their own choices whether or not to cancel their activities, it is only when activities have been officially cancelled by this office that credits will be issued.

Cancellation of weekday community use of schools will be in effect if schools are closed for the day.  That decision is made by MCPS. Community use activities in schools will automatically be cancelled when schools are closed early or for the entire day.

Delayed School Openings: When MCPS opens late, morning Community use of school buildings will be cancelled.  Afternoon activities may continue as scheduled, depending on weather conditions.

Cancellation of childcare programs follows the cancellation schedule for MCPS administrative offices.  If MCPS administrative offices are closed, childcare programs are cancelled.
Delayed opening for "schools only" means childcare programs may open on time.
Delayed opening for "administrative offices" means a delayed start for childcare programs.
When both schools and administrative offices are delayed, childcare programs may open at 9:00 am.
When schools are closed and administrative offices are
 delayed, childcare programs may begin when the
 administrative offices open

If schools complete the day or for weekend use a decision regarding whether or not schools will be open for community use (non-school) activities will be made by the Director of CUPF and users will be informed as follows:

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