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COMING SOON: NCAC's New Website!

posted Dec 15, 2015, 8:41 PM by Seneca Admin
From NCAC’s Capital Comments – 12/4/2015 edition
We get a lot of feedback from the twice-yearly Voice of the Scout surveys, and recently a lot of it has been about our Council's website. Based on this feedback - and extensive discussions with unit and district leaders - we are pleased to announce NCAC's new website will be launching in January 2016! 

Chances are you have already seen some of the changes. If you have registered for an event online recently, you probably used the new system. The site's design and navigation are also getting a complete overhaul but the URL will stay the same - You will probably need to update bookmarks to specific pages, though. Also, our online store will be down for a while during the transition so you will have to buy your CSPs at the MSSC or stock up now!
If you want a preview of the site you can check it out at but please remember everything there is still under construction.