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BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation Course offered to Seneca District Units

posted Jan 12, 2016, 7:10 PM by Seneca Admin
Contact Paul Schimke to schedule (, 301.906.0069 cell)
To help Seneca District get up to speed and energized for the new Outdoor Ethics emphasis, between now and Spring break I'm offering to lead the 90 minute long BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation course for any Seneca units that would like to learn about BSA's Outdoor Ethics programs. This is the "BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation Course" referred to in requirement 5 of the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Awards for all program levels. 
The unit will provide the site and will advertise and handle signups for the class. I'll lead the class and provide all the class materials. More detail on the class follows. Please email me ( or call me (301 906 0069 cell) to see if we can arrange a session for your unit. My goal is to get people in as many units as possible trained; if several units can work together to host a larger class, that would be appreciated. I need at least 5 students for each class, but no more than 20.
This offering of this course is intended for unit and district adult and Boy Scout/Venturer leaders who are interested in learning about the BSA Outdoor Ethics program. This offering of the class is not appropriate for entire units.
BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation Course
The goal of this BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation Course is to introduce the concept of Outdoor Ethics to a group with little experience in outdoor ethics in a fun and engaging way. It should help adults and youth at all program levels understand the general principles behind Scouting's outdoor ethics program. 
This offering of this course is intended for unit and district adult and youth leaders, not for entire units.
Paul Schimke
301 906 0069 cell