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Camporee 2016

 October 14-16, 2016
The Dawn (End?) of Civilization!

Come prepared to have fun and figure out how to live "off the grid".

When: October 14-16, 2016
WhereCamp Manidokan, Knoxville, MD
Cost: $23/person
Webelos: As part of a Troop
Registration: By Unit 
Director: Bill Majurski <oldman99@comcast.net>

About our theme

Our theme this year has many possible names: Living off the grid, End of civilization, The Zombies won.  What ever you call it it's about getting by with simple skills: cooking, eating, shelter, sleeping, having fun. Of course it's all about Scout Skills and having Fun but it's also about understanding what ...

Personal and Patrol Gear list for stations (not camping) 

...is available here.

Camporee Guide is now available

Download from here.

Who's Invited

All Scouts, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts from Seneca, Potomac and White Oak districts. Webelos may attend as part of a Troop. Units from outside our area may attend as well. Please contact Camporee Director for details.  For more details see the section Camporee Attendance, Registration and Payment Policies below.


Registration is OPEN.  Go here to register your unit.

This year we are adopting a new approach to registration to balance your needs and our needs.  We need an early idea of how many are coming, you want to keep registration open until the meeting before the event.  

Early unit registration (until August 31) - register for a campsite.  Includes 5 attendee registrations. Cost $115
Late Unit Registration (September 1 - September 30) - register for a campsite.  Includes 5 attendee registrations. Cost $150

Early attendee registration (until September 30)- $23
Late Attendee registration (October 1 - October 7) - $27 

LDS Registration

LDS Troops - when you register, you must select LDS Campsite (for the campsite) and LDS for your adults and youth (together as one).  Payment is made directly from the Stake. This applies to Seneca Stake only.  We do not have arrangements with other Stakes.  If you are with a Stake other than Seneca and wish to register we require payment through the web site.  

Also note that Stake rules indicate that LDS Webelos are not permitted to attend Camporee.

Webelos Registration

Non-LDS Webelos register and camp as part of a Troop. There is no separate Webelos Den registration, your members are registered as Troop members.

Attendee is youth or adult.

How to prepare

A great way to get "involved" in Camporee is to weave our theme into your meetings and outings leading up the to the event. Here are some skills that you will use at Camporee.  

Bow Method of fire starting
Morse Code
Wilderness Survival - constructing a bed from natural materials

Unit volunteers

The last few years we have had fantastic participation from unit leaders. This year we would like to add some organization to the effort.

Again we ask for at least of one adult volunteer per unit to help staff on the weekend. What's different?

Got an idea for a station or activity that fits our theme?  Suggest it OR plan it OR run it OR all of the above.

Some of our station ideas require special skills and equipment.  Why not give us a hand.

On the weekend we will have a staff coordinator on site to guide and work with unit volunteers.

A few years ago we had a bugler signal the camp.  Got skills?  Let us know ahead of time.

Location, Location, Location

Directions - Traveling up 270 in Friday evening rush hour is not easy.  We recommend the following route be taken to Camporee.  These directions start at the LDS church in Germantown where Seneca District Roundtable is held. Travel time is about 1 hour, rush hour or not. When you arrive at Manidokan, the main facility is on the left. Drive past that a hundred feet. We are on the right, in the BIG field. We will have a big Boy Scouts sign on the road side just before the driveway.  Some of you will arrive after dark. We'll leave a light on.

Water - available on site

Potties - portables

Parking - One vehicle in campsite. Rest in an on-site parking area. 


Activity stations will run all day Saturday and again on Sunday morning.  Most activities are not run on a schedule.  Spend as much time as you want at a station. There will also be things to accomplish in your campsite. Again, you set your own schedule.


This is a preliminary list.  We will update this with a final list in September.

Living off the grid

 Where are you in the food chain??

Shape UP!
 On the Hunt Building Reboot 2.0 Entertainment Unplugged
 REACT Agility Bear Hunt A-Frame Foosball
 Orienteering 4-way tug of war Tomahawk Monkey Bridge Lava Pit
 Fire Building Jump Rope Knives Scoutmaster's Bed Radioactive Isotopes
 Compass Course  Sling Shot Communication Creation (Morse code) Co-op walk
 Where are we? 
Natural Compass

Campsite/Scheduled Activities

Scoutmaster cook-off 2.0 - a repeat from last year.  Cook during the day Saturday with judging before dinner.  
Patrol cook-off - hot meal/no stoves/no prepared foods

Weekend schedule

See Camporee Guide for Tentative schedule.

Camporee Attendance, Registration and Payment Policies


Who may attend Camporee?

Units (Troops, Crews, and Posts) from Seneca, White Oak, and Potomac districts may register using the event web site.  Units (Troops, Crews, and Posts) from outside these districts may attend but the web site is not set up to handle these requests.  Please contact the Camporee Director.

Camping arrangements

While at Camporee, each unit is assigned a campsite.  Program time (stations) are organized around Patrols.  We target activities to handle a Patrol size of 6-8 Scouts.


Webelos Dens may attend as part of a Troop.  They register as part of a Troop and their members travel to stations as part of a Patrol.  Webelos may not attend these activities on their own.  The activities/stations are designed for Troop age Scouts and it is intended that these Scouts assist the Webelos.  Some activities are not appropriate for Webelos Scouts.  These activities will be paired with a Webelos appropriate version of the activity.

Webelos may arrive with Troop on Friday night and camp two nights or may arrive on Saturday morning and camp one night at the discretion of the Troop. Administratively they are considered part of the Troop except that they will submit a separate roster at checkin. 

Normal Webelos camping rules apply with regard to adult leadership etc.  BSA policy on this can be found at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS/gss03.aspx


LDS units (Troops, Crews, and Posts) are encouraged to attend.  It is understood that they will depart camporee after Saturday night campfire.

As per Church Policy, LDS Webelos are welcome to attend Saturday activities, but will not be expected to camp.

Webelos attending for the day on Saturday

Webelos Dens may attend camporee just for the day Saturday.  They must still register and pay as part of the sponsoring Troop.  As with Webelos that camp overnight they are to be inserted into Patrols for activities.

Webelos Dens attending for the day on Saturday are welcome to arrive at the normal Saturday check in time.  They must depart camporee before dark Saturday evening. They may eat dinner with their Troop at the discretion of the Troop.

Cub Scouts visiting Camporee

Cub Scouts (Pack members younger than Webelos) may not participate in camporee.  A Pack may visit camporee to observe the activities.  They will not participate in stations or other activities.  We have no age appropriate activities for them. If they choose to visit they must be sponsored by a Troop and have a Troop adult as guide for their entire visit to the camporee.


This is a Scouting event.  It is not appropriate to bring siblings to the event.


Troops, Crews, and Posts that are part of Seneca, White Oak, or Potomac districts register via the event web site. Units from outside these districts must contact the Camporee Director. Rosters will be collected at check-in.

Webelos register as part of a Troop. No separate Webelos registrations will be accepted. Rosters will be collected at Troop check-in.

Webelos attending for the day Saturday must register as part of a Troop. Rosters will be collected at Troop check-in.

Cub Scout visitors must register as part of their shepard Troop. Rosters will be collected a Troop check-in.

Payment policy

Troops, Crews, and Posts pay in advance online.  There is a separate campsite and person fee.  

LDS Troops, Crews, and Posts register online except that for Seneca Stake the payment is handled directly by the Stake (not paid online). For LDS units outside of Seneca Stake, we have no arrangements with other Stakes.  Please contact your Stake to see what their policies are.  Your camporee contact in this matter should be the Camporee Director.

Webelos payment is handled as part of Troop registration.

Webelos Dens attending for the day on Saturday are charged half price. Camporee patches will be awarded to these Scouts if we have adequate supply.

Cub Scout visitors attend free.  They will not receive camporee patches.

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