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Merit Badge Counselor Information

Greetings Merit Badge Counselors (MBC),

Wonderful responses to online training as approved in Guide To Advancement and as emphasized by Seneca. We’ve been doing this for the past 1.5 years. Many have taken this online classroom. National is now offering it as well. Though slightly different, it covers the same material yet in a video / interactive environment, similar to Youth Protection Trainings. As of today, we are currently at 51% Trained, when compared to 12% back in 2015. Way to go! We encourage all approved MBCs to take this training, whether you are applying for being an approved MBC or you are currently approved but not yet trained. Trained Adults ensures the Merit Badge Program is delivered to Scouts the BSA way, it also helps Unit Leaders operate their programs consistent to BSA policies and procedures.

To become a Council and District approved Merit Badge Counselor, you need to apply. Please see the link below and follow instructions. Please note: training as an MBC does not qualify one as being approved. All need to submit proper forms (BSA Adult Application, Youth Protection Training certificate and Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet) to Ben Litten ( our District Executive or Matthew Ogden ( our District Merit Badge Dean to become 100% approved. Round Tables are a great place to review MBC applications or you can send them electronically to us.

MBC Application Form link

If you are a current and approved MBC and you’d like to update / add / delete / modify your information, add a Merit Badge to your list, you can do that electronically. It is preferred you submit another Merit Badge Information Sheet #34405 for those changes. If adding, I still need to vet your qualifications as per badge.

WE DO NEED MBCs for one of the new ‘Exploration’ Merit Badge. We currently have ‘0’ MBCs for that. If interested, please review the requirements, send me an email or Info sheet #34405 with your qualifications.

For Unit Leaders, Unit Merit Badge Counselor Coordinators, Committee Chairs, or Unit Commissioners, if you need up to date MBC reports to reconcile or acquire new MBC reports, please contact me with your Unit number and position. I only send these reports to authorized folks to protect personal privacy. Please note; if an adult is not on these reports and they think they are BSA approved, they are not, unless they are registered in another Council / District. They need to apply or re-apply or provide proof of their approval status to scouts or leaders when teaching a MB subject. I’ve been keeping these reports for the past 6 years.

Thank you for your willingness to serve our Scouts in one of the AIMS of scouting.

Matthew Ogden
SDA:MBD  6-28-17